Choosing the right vendor is vital to your event’s success


Choosing the right vendors for your celebration is important, for one very specific reason.

AllStar DJ Group has been in the entertainment industry for over twenty years, and during this time we have worked with vendors that are awesome to work alongside and those that are downright horrible.  So what makes the difference between a good vendor and a bad one?  Attitude!  Those vendors that have the attitude “this is a team effort” often go to great lengths to make sure they follow the client’s requests, while working in tandem with the other vendors to ensure the event is successful.   And not surprisingly, these are the vendors that genuinely love what they do – it’s not  just about the money.

Then you have the vendors that show up to an event with an egotistical attitude – it’s all about them!  Often, the client doesn’t even enter into the equation (sounds counterintuitive, I know).  And forget trying to get this individual to work with the other vendors as a team.  Can you guess what the number one priority is for these vendors?  Yep, it’s all about the money, and how much exposure they can get from your event for future events.

So, when your interviewing potential vendors, find out if they are a team player.   It could make the difference between a so-so function and an outstanding celebration!