Preparing for 2019 Weddings, Miner’s Foundry Nevada City


Happy New Year, especially to all the couples getting married in 2019.  Every year we encounter calls, with couples wanting to book for the year, however, they seem to frequently wait to the last minute to inquire.  Remember, thinking at least 8 months ahead is the safe way to plan.

First step, as always, is setting your date.  Then, creating the draft list of who is invited determines the size venue that will be convenient to get to, and hold all your guests.  I suggest looking at the location sooner rather than later, because this will determine many things about your wedding: how large of a wedding you can have, the expense, as well as what is (or is not) included at the facility.  Look for places with a reputation for holding great events, whether it’s a wedding or a corporate party, because they are prepared and can accommodate; they know what their doing!

A couple of well established facilities, however not always flashy with advertising and glitz in the wedding business, but have stood the time of being awesome with every event.  Many times it’s the size, location, and the design that make it.  Below are three that we have seen to be exceptional, very different, but can make any event a party:

Each of these has a characteristic that fits a style or design, Miner’s Foundry situated in the historic town of Nevada City, beautiful surroundings with plenty of things for your guests to enjoy.  Then there’s the famous Firehouse Restaurant in Old Sacramento, another historic setting, wonderful dining, beautiful patio, and the staff there are incredible.  Now, there’s also the secret gem of the facilities, offering a big square room with a new facility design.  I know, you are probably saying to yourself, why do we want a big square room – well, because they work!  Especially if you are holding a wedding for 200+ people, wanting everybody together.  Check out the Rocklin Event Center, it might fit your needs in throwing a large event, and the pricing is reasonable.  One of our favorite events to do weddings at is the Flower Farm in Penryn, a short drive from Sacramento.  This facility boasts gorgeous grounds, an organized and efficient staff, a beautiful open room for holding up to 150 guests and the most adorable silky chickens – they look like giant puff balls, and are frequently part of the party.

All these places are situated in great locations, easy for people to get to and have the charm, with experience to make your event successful.

Now, don’t forget your entertainment too, the best performers get booked up.  

Call Danyae with All Star DJ Group at (916) 709-3800 to get information about how we can make you special day – wonderful!

See you on the dance floor!  DJ Dale,