We have been in the entertainment industry a long time, and have come to believe that vendors play an instrumental role in the success or failure of an event.  The ability to work as a team with the other service providers is imperative if the event is to go flawlessly.

In our years of performing at different events, we have worked with hundreds of vendors, yet only a handful have provided the same level of excellence and willingness to go the extra mile that we expect of ourselves…even if it means extra work on their part.  As such, when we work with a vendor that has the same professionalism and work ethics, it is very refreshing!   Vendor collaboration ensures’s that the client is completely satisfied.   As a result, everyone wins…the client and the vendors.

Each month we hope to showcase a different vendor, someone who has gone above and beyond what was expected of their particular service, and that we find well, phenomenal.

This month’s Superstar!

The Entertainer –  We have worked with many wedding coordinators over the years, and can wholeheartedly say that Angelina Ellis is by far the most marvelous.  Angelina is one of the rare coordinators that stays to the very end of the event, which means she works alongside the other vendors to ensure the event finishes successfully.  We have worked many events with Angelina and are delighted each time we get to work with her, because she has this amazing ability to keep everything running smoothly while maintaining her upbeat and friendly attitude.  Angelina is the epitome of true professionalism, and we look forward to performing many more events with her. 

Darling Photography – Vicki Darling is one of the best photographer’s we have ever worked with; over the years we have witnessed her going to extraordinary efforts to get a specific shot, even if it meant giving up her only chance to have dinner to capture it.  Moreover, Vicki’s commitment to doing her very best shows in every single event she does; her easygoing and engaging presence makes her one of our favorite photographers.  We have performed thirty plus weddings with Vicki, and are always excited about the opportunity to do an event with her.  Her ability to go with the flow of the party makes her a true professional.  We look forward to working alongside Vicki for many years to come.